A Drive Thru For Everything

Sometimes, people (not from here) might think that Americans are just to time-constrained or maybe just downright lazy; that we have a drive thru for everything.

Of course, we know there are more than just burger joints and coffee shops…

There are dry cleaners, wholesale beverage retailers, dairies and convenience stores, taco shops, donut and ice cream spots, car washes, banks and even pizza parlors (with less of a parlor and more of a pause to grab the pie since you can pre-pay when you order.)

We fly-by for so many things that it is becoming rather ironic; all those years of looking for real estate with adequate parking for customers, the brokers are now leasing spaces that used to be a lot for the retailer.  Drop down a double-wide, prefab building with a lane (or two) for customer pick up, making it easy and convenient. No stopping needed.

While I wholeheartedly agree that we need to stop eating on our dashboard…the drive thru has become a staple and some would consider it absolutely critical to today’s lifestyle.

In fact, just when you may have thought that we actually have a drive thru for everything, I thought of a new one. After looking at my car, freshly washed at the tunnel car wash (I had to get out and walk…just the car got to go through) I believe that my house windows would look amazing if they could invent an automated “fly-by” version for our house.  I can only hope that someone out there with drone technology is now trying to figure out how to get it to carry a few gallons of soapy water and a squeegie with the perfect amount of pressure to clean the glass without cracking it. Then, I think we could stop and just enjoy the view even more from home.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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