Where You Want To Be

What happens when where you want to be is not a good idea any more?

  • Your phone has no reception.
  • There is no water.
  • The electricity is out due to power failure of equipment and they don’t yet know how to fix it.
  • There is a ton of traffic.
  • Rent and or home prices are through the roof – far more than one family (dual income) can afford.
  • There are earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires, flooding, avalanches, tornadoes, extreme heat and cold (all at the same time.)

There has always been a struggle for humans who want everything, great weather, great scenery, great opportunities…but sometimes where you want to be comes with compromise. In some cases, even Visa can’t solve this issue. Decide if it is worth it and then, you will know if you should stay or go.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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