Is It Good Enough

New companies often want to offer a really special deal, whether it is for their Grand Opening or even for an extended launch; a period of time set aside to encourage new customers to become loyal through trial. “Is it good enough?” may run through the customer’s mind.

Is the product something of value? Do they need it? Will they use it every day – or at least very often?

Will a 25% discount get someone to try it out?

Wait, there’s more… Free shipping AND Free returns.

Or, will it take 50% to get the customer to check out the new brand – one that is known through a halo affect only and competes with the big, bad, yet pretty “other” company who is the 500 pound-gorilla in the industry.

There is a catch. The customer has to tell the new brand who they are. Ok. Sure, the manufacturer has to ship it, so what is the harm? No, there is a bigger catch.

Customers have to place their order within the next 60 minutes.

No delay, no waiting, no second guesses. Is it good enough has to be answered right now or the offer goes away. Interesting way to push someone to a purchase. The new question is… how many will you turn away with that type of offer? Hopefully, not so many that it made the promotional advertising expenses too expensive, with bait wasn’t quite yummy enough. (So, I will wait and see how it turns out and I will let you know.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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