It’s More Of A Donation

I know… I know, I am stuck on Summer Stock. But this has been my week! I shared the info about the program ads, and you know, it’s more of a donation than an advertisement. Or, maybe you don’t know that…

That being said. I get it – small businesses only have so much money to invest – I really understand.

But, your $25 to $100, black and white ad in a week’s production presentation is only going to reach so many people. (The theatre holds about 800 and for 5 main stage shows, that could be 4000 people seeing the show. Keep in mind, we bought seats for 4 of the 5 shows, so we are not “unique” visitors; others could say the same) it is still well worth your donation and sponsorship. Many thanks!

Do I think you still do the ad? Hell yes!

The stock program is only (ONLY!) $250 per kid, that includes a free t-shirt and 20 days of 5 hours per day, summer theater camp. At a hundred hours, that is only $2.50 per hour. (I spent far more than that for a pool membership this summer and I can guarantee we didn’t spend 100 hours there yet!)

Plus, the kids receive professional instruction from directors, voice coaches, choreographers – many who have experience on Broadway. Plus, the kids are exposed to not one, but two musical shows – also from Broadway – albeit adapted for the age of the cast, which is 8 to 18.

So, is your $25 ad worth it? You bet your bottom dollar that it is. (Oh, Annie Jr was so fun 2 years ago…we still have a soft spot in our heart for that little orphan.)

Even if it’s more of a donation than a call to the audience to support the sponsors, it is well worth it. We do want to support you, but don’t get uptight about placement in the book, if your ad got squished, faded, turned sideways – or, even if you didn’t see the programs handed out at one of the smaller show performances (yea, the one with only about 200 tickets sold.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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