Follow Through

Tonight was the first night of the Summer Stock shows. We just got home… Les Miserables is a long production and the kids were outstanding. Everything that the cast, the directors, the program managers, set designers and the boosters did – starting way back in December – all lead to this one great opening night. My daughter helped me sell program ads… So, (besides donating my time at the show tonight) I had to review the program to follow through and make sure that “our” sponsors were included.

Unlike a paid advertisement in a newspaper or a billboard, you don’t get a proof from the printer before it goes to print. Why not? Well, because Summer Stock is just 3 weeks of actual cast practice AND everyone does what they can, most are volunteers, from the program designer to the ladies who ran the snack stand *(no dads there tonight, maybe tomorrow.)

Everyone takes the extra effort, and donates their personal time, to follow through – just as a professional would do – making sure everything is done right. Tomorrow, we will deliver program books to thank them (again) for their support. We will also sit in on our weekly music lesson, try a new jam, buy some airline tickets and check in on our quarterly taxes.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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