Imperfect World

We do live in an imperfect world. We cannot always be right, look beautiful or be on time.

We can however, do our best.

If we don’t think we are at our best, we can…

  • apologize that we aren’t able to deliver today.
  • take a nap.
  • buy a new plant, since we forgot to water the one that is now withering away.
  • blame it on our phone that is failing us “prematurely.”
  • lament the end of daylight savings.

We are not good at everything.

Some excel in certain areas. Others are marginally good at a large number of things. Still others are only good at one thing, but in that thing they are unbeatable.

It sometimes rains too much in one area, not enough in others. The cold weather kills the bugs (yay! no more mosquitoes) but also leaves the possibility that our harvest wasn’t complete. We are not in control of certain things and still, we blame ourselves even when there is no reason for blame.

The imperfect world is essentially something that proves that we are human. We cannot be Wonder Woman every day. Nothing to be upset about.  Embrace it. Smile and be happy that we don’t always have to be the solution.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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