As Long As…

Well, there are probably a lot of ways to end this beginning phrase, “as long as”, but all I really wanted to say was this: every year, we celebrate milestones. Every year, we take pictures. Facebook (and now Snapfish) send us reminders of our memories. So, we are able to see, first hand, what has transpired in the last year, or two.

  • I’d like to say we are younger, but we aren’t.
  • I’d like to say we are thinner, but we aren’t. (Actually this year, maybe I am – avoiding cheese does come with some minor benefits.)
  • I’d like to say that there are more of us, but there aren’t – we are in the holding pattern for the next generation to add more people to the crowd.

How about this? As long as we are happy, and maybe, dare I say, happier than we were a year ago, either is something I will gladly accept.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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