Early To Bed…

I am pretty sure that Ben Franklin didn’t think that there would be on demand television or non-stop gaming on a tablet when he said early to bed…

Nor, did he think that the presence of electricity and wide-spread internet information when he designed and petitioned for the Daylight Savings Time concept.

Can we go back to later daylight hours and make that the new standard? Come on Ben, we aren’t farmers anymore.  I mean, sure, some of us are farmers, but the vast majority of us are not.

Maybe I have it all wrong, but I am still pretty much running on DST and no matter how early to bed…I go these last few days, I am still pretty tired. This is all new to me; normally I adjust pretty quickly. However, it isn’t just me – otherwise, I would just grin and bear it and have a bit more caffeine later in the day. I have heard the same thing of many others around me – both younger and older. So. It isn’t just me.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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