Ice Cream Has Always Been

I am not saying that ice cream has always been around, but since it has…

It has been a cure:

  • for a broken heart
  • for a bad mood
  • for unexpectedly losing 15 pounds
  • for a booboo that can’t be seen
  • for a day at the dentist – before or after
  • for a quick treat after school, one that doesn’t break the bank in most parent’s budgets
  • for that empty retail space, you know that one, an adorable 450 square feet on a busy road with a lot of parking and great signage
  • for a quick and easy dessert after a dinner that took far too long to make
  • for a way to share a moment…

Ice cream has always been an easy way to say I care about you and I would like to share a dish with you; if you want, I will even give you your own bowl and spoon.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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