If It Worked Once

This summer, the movies are following the theme of “if it worked once it will work again.”

Some people don’t like that. They don’t like sequels. They don’t like following a common theme. They don’t like repetition.

They want change. They want new. They want innovation.

Yet, they also don’t like it when their buy one get one promotion ends. They don’t like when the baker takes away the 13th bagel being given free with the dozen. They don’t like when a store closes early because they have a group outing to celebrate team members and everyone of them is to be included.

They don’t like change. They want same. They want comfort.

How can the creatives win?

When a sequel has the same characters, they could just continue the story, but the true artist knows that if it worked once, it could work again, but might be even better if they change it up. Add new characters, add new drama, add new songs – keeping with the theme. Many will like it. Many might hate it. You can’t please everyone, but when it makes money, you must be pleasing enough of them. Some of them, just because of the scenery and the view from above.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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