What We Read

Frequently, even more so with the onset of smaller and smaller reading, digital devices, what we read is what we expect to read.

That doesn’t make it true, even if it makes us happy, satisfied or vindicated.

I was told once that an intelligent person, a child even, if not able to read because of a learning disability would eventually be able to accurately guess the right words if they tried long enough (and didn’t give up or get discouraged) – even if they weren’t coached through overcoming and adapting to the disability. 

That “fact” doesn’t make it good, beneficial or even reasonable.

I have to remind myself, that there are things that we don’t want to read…but we have to do so. If we only chose the things that we always want to read:

  • the things that satisfy our expectation
  • the topics that already feel comfortable
  • the things we already know

Then the reality is that what we read may not enough truth, not enough happiness, nor enough satisfaction and possibly not completely beneficial to our future – as a person, as a professional, or as a contributing member of society. Open your eyes, embrace change, seek new ideas, but, still fight for those things that you know, deep inside are reasonable, valid and good. If you’re right, you will be vindicated. You might also learn / teach something in the process.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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