I Dare You

I keep thinking of that commercial*, the one I hadn’t seen before, but was on the Oscars several times last night. It begs me to say “I dare you to try something new.” 

*You know…the one that said “Don’t you dare…”

 Children, as you may know – you were one once – are so vulnerable to the power of suggestion. In both ways – negative and positive. 

The positive – I went into a math/science field because everyone kept telling me to do it. Yet, today, it isn’t at all what I do. Am I better off from having gone to school for engineering and design? Probably…I never (in a million years) would have thought I would do anything remotely related to marketing back then, but I got here through my project management and brand work. So that worked for me.

The negative – anything and everything that adults or even peers say that keep someone from following their dream. 

I have to say that I am saddened by the negative side of that equation and even though I though the commercial was cooler than cool it reminded me that there are parents who stifle their children, their spouses and their family members to keep them in their place, in line or under control. 

I am sorry for those people who are not willing to take a risk that someone close to them could achieve something remarkable. So, I dare you to speak out, to show you have the guts and the willingness to be better and to take a chance. If you’re holding someone back – stop.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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