It’s Funny

It’s funny how things that are important to someone all of a sudden become worth learning about or sharing with the rest of the world.

Once you find a new restaurant or a recreation spot, are you the one who has to share the word, tell everyone about it. Are you the one “in the know” and the one people come to when they are looking for a recommendation.

If not, why not?

Doesn’t your opinion matter?

With politicians, I don’t think it’s funny at all. Why are they just realizing now what others have known and fought for so very long and with such passion? Popular opinion may swing the vote, but if it isn’t important to everyone (or, at least most everyone) it isn’t likely to change. What would be best is if you get up, take a stand and be the one to shout it from the roof tops why it matters. Tell everyone you know. Be loud. Convince them. Then, the politicians might have to do other things, like be honest all the time and not just pander to the masses.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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