Holiday Birthdays

There is some debate, at least as far as I’ve been involved in holiday birthdays

The question: “Is it your birthday or a holiday?” matters more especially how old you are (more if they are younger) and if it’s one of those “gift giving” holidays. And if it is, does the birthday girl or boy get gypped?

We learned early on in our childhood that – December birthdays – deserve every bit of pomp and circumstance as any other…and never to use holiday themed party wrap for birthday presents. I guess when you think of your own spring birthday and getting a present wrapped in green and red Christmas striped paper – it would seem odd…

So fall holidays, and especially having a birthday on Halloween might be the very, very best of holiday birthdays because you get to dress up, have a party, eat tons of candy and stay up late…plus,  no one can ever tell you you’re too old to wear a costume. Ever. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Happy 3rd birthday to our adorable niece and her aunt who celebrates her first wedding anniversary on Halloween this year!

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