Falling into Fall

Loving the weather, as we are now free-falling into fall, with chilly nights, but sun sunny days, and the seasonal holiday celebrations of Halloween that are hopefully leading right into Thanksgiving.

Let’s skip the drama of the election and go right to Veteran’s Day and comfort foods.

The grapes have given up and the wine is ready to bottle. Like any good vintage, time will tell.  Like most people, I think I’m ready to relax and enjoy the final, full autumnal colors of the season.

I am definitely loving falling into fall, head first – enjoying the harvest, the wine, the burst of colors this year. There’s even an abundance of acorns to help save the squirrels (I’d be okay if they didn’t make it to spring, but…whatever.) I can wait for winter to arrive and we just added a fire pit to the backyard, and hoping to enjoy a few more outdoor evenings before it gets too cold or – egads – snows!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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