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Sometimes, it feels like retail shops are here today and gone tomorrow.

It happens all the time. It is unfortunate. Owners have to start with a good plan, then create a great brand focused on customers, offer a unique selling proposition compared to the competition – the list goes on and on.   A new company doesn’t stand a chance to be here tomorrow if it is a half-baked idea, the store is never open when it says it will be open, and doesn’t deliver on it’s promises.

Larger brands can do these same things…they can also expand too quickly, or fail to adapt to new competition and they go out en masse leaving skeletons of their former image all across the retail landscape.

I can appreciate the creativity that seasonal stores have used these failings to their advantage.

It is nearly Halloween, it comes just once a year, but the costume stores wouldn’t make it if they had to pay year-round rent. So, someone thought to buy up a temporary lease, go into a huge box retailer and set up shop.

They don’t spend a lot on decor, they don’t really have to – the costumes are decor enough and why would they want to invest in something that parents won’t notice. They are certainly not paying attention to the paint on the walls or the color and condition of the tile as their toddlers to ‘tweens run from aisle to aisle picking out one idea over another, indecisive or adamant that “THIS” is what they want to be this year.

You could buy a costume online, but prices vary greatly and they can’t always commit to delivery. Who needs a costume on November 9th? (Well, someone might want to be hiding, but let’s not digress…) Kids can’t try them on and sometimes the description just doesn’t quite explain how sheer or flimsy that fabric really is – no matter how warm it is on Hallows’ Eve, the suit has to stand up to the parent dress code, right?

So, they’ve turned this into a real business model; their websites are much better now than they used to be. Now they identify their locations – specifically mentioning what store was there last to help you. Then, once you’re there, let’s face it, you are buying something, even if it is just a pair of Super Socks, complete with capes.

I took this pic, right here today where our Sports Authority used to be. After the season is done, it will go back to being empty. For now, traffic will perhaps bring some attention to the GoodWill Store, which is actually adjacent to the Halloween Spirit, pop-up holiday boo-tique. Some traffic will be good for that store, too – not just now, but creating a habit for shoppers to keep in their routine.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Halloween pop up boo-tique doesn't even have to "re-brand".

Halloween pop up boo-tique doesn’t even have to “re-brand”.

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