Yesterday’s Favorites

To our children we – as parents – wax on nostalgic for things of our past…even if that past was only in the 1980s, the 1990s and the early Aughts. The things that are part of the kid’s training are the movies, TV shows, candy and snacks that are all yesterday’s favorites.

We want our kids to appreciate what we grew up with – way back then…

  • Before cable
  • Before cell phones
  • Before the Internet
  • Before Bruce Willis was completely bald
  • Before Ben Affleck got married, had kids and got caught up in a divorce
  • Before movies couldn’t make the streets and buildings in NYC blow up (because meteors do that to cars, busses and tall towers…) – gotta love Jerry Bruckheimer, right?

We continually do our best to introduce our favorites, yesterday’s favorites, even though we continually add new ones to the list. This week’s Saturday night movie is 1998’s Armageddon. Loud, full of explosions, science fiction, father-daughter relationship that will bring tears to your eyes movie about the uncontrollable space around us. What’s not to love, especially when you hear Steven Tyler singing as the kids pass you the box of candy to share.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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