Who You Are Today

No doubt, who you are today, is different from the person you were 10 and 20 years ago.

You are now older, more mature, maybe you are married and have children – or maybe you have recently graduated and gotten your first real job – like a serious one that you can’t just call out from because you want to go to the beach with some friends.

It is something I accepted years ago, that people – even mature, experienced people, can change their mind. They can make new decisions, better ones than they made as long ago as yesterday.

As long as we haven’t built it, ordered it, paid for it or shipped it – no problem.

However, it is completely unacceptable, changing your mind that is, for politicians. They are not able to grow, adapt, learn or mature. They have to be who they are from 18 all the way up to 82 (which is quite possibly too long to be in politics, or maybe they just look 82…I guess it can wear you down.)

I am so glad that I am not who I was when I was 18…I was still becoming me. No doubt, who you are today will change in the next week, month, year, decade – unless you are too set in your ways to learn something new and to adapt and become an even better version of you. For you, for the people you love and the world around you. We should be as accepting of the same for others, as long as…well, as long as they don’t stop you from being who you want to be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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