Gottahava Wawa is their current slogan and it sure is catchy. Most of you, (from anywhere within 100 miles of Philly,) knew what brand this was about from the title.

You are fanatics. You love the brand. You love everything about them.

You know about hoagie day and you wouldn’t buy your coffee anywhere else. You are thrilled when you see the sign that Wawa gas is coming soon.

The reality is… they have earned it.

They’ve got a bunch of things worth wanting.

They have clean, friendly and well lit places. They have food they make from scratch (well, sort of from scratch.)

It’s late Saturday evening and everyone is here. We’ve passed at least 6 other gas stations of all brands from value to big oil brands, all empty or even closed. Yet the WaWa is hopping – people waiting for the pump, and while they’re waiting, they’ve gottahava coffee and a snack, or milk for their morning breakfast, or even something from their better than average convenience store food…which, you absolutely must have…catchy slogan or not.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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