Is It Too Late

Today, I am sitting here, enjoying watermelon salad of all things, and I have to wonder (admittedly, I’ve pondered this before…) is it too late to pull back on the things we’ve asked for in the last 4 or 5 decades? 

  • Seedless watermelon 
  • Bigger (chicken) breasts
  • Larger eggs
  • Fast growing corn
  • Longer shelf life for bread, milk and lettuce…

The list goes on and on.

Our technological developments and the genetically modified organisms we’ve demanded, have us where we are today.

Can I go back and get a fully seeded, non-GMO (ever, anywhere in its history,) watermelon?  I mean, I don’t like the seeds, but it is just one little thing in the world that I am certain we could have handled.

Our lives would not have been horrible if we had to de-seed the watermelon to make salad, or to safely serve it to our kids. In fact, I remember it being kind of fun to spit out the seeds and compete against our friends, siblings and cousins on who could spit farther. It was part of being a kid, and sometimes the adults would even join in the fun.

It was easy to promote the seedless watermelon, customers paid more for it, until, one day it just happened; it became the only kind you could buy. We caved into the marketing pitch that seemed innocent enough…and now we ask our manufacturers to give us only non-GMO produce, poultry and foodstuffs. I just don’t know enough about it, but I do wonder – is it too late?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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