Free Time

If you have enough free time, you could probably do everything you ever wanted experience. Or, maybe, just do the things you like the best.

  • Movie night, binge every movie in the series
  • Reading, from comic books, to fiction and non-fiction
  • Lingering over more than just coffee – breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner – maybe even after dinner drinks
  • Doodling in your notebook, thinking about what you could write – poetry, short stories, young adult, historical fiction *probably requires research but hey, you’ve got the time
  • Lounging on the beach, learning to surf, parasailing…or swimming in the ocean, a few miles at a time
  • Knit, crochet, sew…or, inspire others by teaching them how to do each of these things
  • Cook, experiment with new recipes…learn to bake

So much free time is just time wasted, the opportunity of time – waiting for things to happen. If we could just collect it all and consolidate it into time that would give us more time all together. We could do so very, very much more.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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