Free of the Past

Some people wish that they could be free of the past, just the bad things of course. Whatever it is…just let it go.

  • The things that keep us up at night.
  • The memories from our childhood – that while shaping us – have left their mark.
  • The struggles.
  • The changes made, because of no fault of our own, and a new path had to be taken.
  • The mistakes made, whether in school, or at work or in our personal lives.
  • The family history, as far back as you look, you can’t change.
  • The accidents that happened, no matter the size or consequence.

You can only be free of the past when you are ready to let it go. Some of it, may have shaped you, some of it may have messed you up, some of it may have made you the stronger person you are today. Learn from your experiences and only carry with you the things you allow to be a part of you. Keep the good things and let go of the rest…then, tonight, and every night forward, rest easy. You can trust that your past is what has made you who you are and you are all the more better for it. ❤️

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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