Free Association

Having a conversation is sometimes strategic and planned but is more fun with free association.

Stream of consciousness and letting the conversation go where it wants to go, at the whim of the group around you is really the best; as in – the most amount of fun.

  • It may mean that your thoughts won’t be fully fleshed out and communicated.
  • It may mean that you find your way to topics that you didn’t think you’d be speaking about tonight.
  • It may mean that you are not prepared to have an opinion – but you may surprise yourself with one – and a strong one in spite of your plan.
  • It may mean that you discuss things that you wouldn”t normally mention, but since they are on topic and completely relevant, you do – and it feels so good.
  • It may mean that you share more than you want, personally or professionally, and the latter may become more of a friend than you thought was remotely possible.

Luckily, here in the United States, we have free association – you can join what you want, participate in what you are willing and share your thoughts – or not – with anyone who will listen and create a deeper dialogue with you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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