Finally Done

What is that one thing that has been on your list – for the better part of (however long) that is finally done?

Reviewing that contract?

Clearing off your desk?

Sorting through presents?

Emptying the wrapping bin?

Sending thank you notes?

Finishing that lingering client deliverable?

Sorting through the closet to make it more organized and easier to find the things you want to store?

Watching that series everyone has been talking about?

Baking homemade cookies/pie/cake/brownies/fudge or other yummy goodies?

Sending off the donations to the charity of your choice?

Emptying out the basement/attic/storage unit?

Filing all your paperwork to be ready for tax season and the coming new year?

Writing a caring, sympathy card?

Calling to check in on a friend?

Sending your RSVP – Yes – even though you will need to dress up for this small gathering with friends?

Even if you have done all of those – and then some – here is a gentle reminder that you are never done saying I love you to all of your friends and loved ones. Do it today, do it again. Do it over and over (and over) again…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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