Everybody Around the Table

In our home and all of our family, we have an age old tradition where we say grace and then finish with a sing-songy affirmation of how we love everybody around the table.

My grandmother started this (probably my grandfather, too) back in the 1980s and it has spread west and east, north and south to all reaches of the globe with our extended branches on our family tree.

I think I like this most of every other tradition we have in our family.

It is something we can do whenever we want – daily is optimal – but any given day is perfect.

Many families travel to see each other cooking, preparing and bringing additions to the feast to celebrate together.  It isn’t feasible to have hundreds of people together for a family dinner, but we make do with somewhere between 5 and 40 – with our most close and local family and friends together.

While this particular year, we may not have everybody around the table together, we are all saying the same thing and meaning every word. We are thankful, happy and together, even if just in spirit. Happy Thanksgiving everybody…may you find love and friendship, with more than many reasons to be thankful this year.

~ Love, Dawn aka Hat Girl

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