Bridging the Holidays

Early Thanksgiving means that we are quite literally bridging the holidays…there really is no choice; at least for us, we have family on both sides of the river.

So, I guess I mean literally and figuratively.

It just seems a bit too early to bring the tree inside and decorate. After all, I have to wonder: “Will it last more than 30 days? And if so, will it also last through the extended 12 days into January for the Epiphany?”

With seemingly endless deals and offers – none of which had great appeal – I still made a trip towards the mall.  Traffic, mid morning was not that terrible, but there was more of a crowd than Its thought there might be.  All of them, walking down several lanes of traffic to the entryway of Macy’s ready to find the perfect gifts, hoping to embrace deals and accelerate the overnight transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. 

I actually went to the spa for a facial…they had a last minute cancellation and needed to slot me in due to a power outage earlier in the month which abruptly ended my monthly membership session. It was a nice alternative to spending the day trolling the Internet as I haven’t shopped in-store on Black Friday in several years. 

Plus, it is only 24 hours since our fabulous dinner, but I don’t think I am the only one still lingering over the turkey and stuffing. 

Maybe these days of Amazon with pre-black Friday deals at the ready, it is actually butter that is the real trigger in bridging the holidays. After being avoided all summer it is quite liberally reintroduced in savory dishes this week and then used a pound at a time for cookie baking for the next month. That’s a deal I probably will take, even if there is no discount offered.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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