Cross The Road

It was a long day of driving today. (Luckily someone else was behind the wheel for most of the miles…and we car pooled for as much of it as we could.) On our way back home, at the rest stop, we happened to see a food truck with a sign that said their food was worthy enough to make you cross the road to enjoy it.

Now, I love food trucks.

The gourmet, nouveau cuisine that has been taking the country by storm aided with the economic conditions of high rents, overhead and large inventory in most gourmet restaurants.

I like the variety. The model offers the chef flexibility to take advantage of today’s best of the market and customizing the menu. They can also move from one demographic, street or area in town each day – keeping it fun, fresh and appealing.

Parking a pulled BBQ pork sandwich food truck at the interstate rest stop…? Well, you really can’t cross the road for that. While location is essential to success, I am just not sure this venue is as lucrative as finding that hip, new crowded, down-town spot in the summer-time. Tweeting out your location or posting it on Facebook may work for your ultra loyal customers, but unless you are already on the toll-road highway, chances are, you aren’t going there, no matter how mouth-watering your hand-helds actually are or how adorable and catchy your slogan really is.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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