2 For

When a 2 for $X.00 promotion entices you to stop and not only buy the special, but also another sandwich and some home made salads, too. Then, you probably accomplished a great deal more than you would have… well, without the deal.

Even better, when you can post on Facebook (and your customers / fans) see it that day. (Not tomorrow, when it is too late.)

Even better-er, when you can set up an A-frame style easel sign on the sidewalk outside of your shop that people will see each time they drive down the street – to drop off the kid(s) at summer camp, to go to the dry cleaners, to pick up the kid(s) from camp, to go to the bank on the way to Pilates class and again, when aforementioned kid(s) go to music.

It is a busy day, squeezing in everything in between working – eating lunch is rarely on the plan but really necessary. Best to be able to see that 2 for $6 sign when there is an empty parking spot there, too – it might take driving past it a few times (5 to be precise) before you (I) act on it, or remember to stop. Now it is 5PM you are hungry and the breakfast of coffee and toast (did I have toast today???) probably isn’t doing enough for you (me) any longer.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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