Creative Names

When companies produce a product and they come up with creative names – it can make customers want to try new items.

  • Pynk (a tarte berry ale from Yards Brewing)
  • Unicorn Frappuccino (from Starbucks – or was it someone else, just the other month)
  • Watchamacallit (a Hershey bar from the late 1970s)
  • Rocket Fuel (Coffee Blend – made up in a story about Google – and who knows, probably for sale somewhere in the country at least on a limited time basis)

These are some of the best brands in the world and they know what they’re doing; they lead everyone by example. It isn’t that difficult and I am sure that you can work out something fun that will get people interested.

It is the most creative names that spark interest, generate trial and allow loyal customers to show how much they support you, especially when they go out of their comfort zone and ignore their “usual”.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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