3 Kinds of Pretend

I think, at least in the world of people – there are 3 kinds of pretend.

  1. The people who embrace cos play and dress up; they dress up to the nines and completely pull it off – going so far as to act the way the way they look.
  2. The people who WANT to cos play and dress up, but don’t quite feel right doing it and so they hesitate, only to join in when they see others are already doing it.
  3. The people who think that the other 2 are being ridiculous.

I want to be the first, but I think I am more of the second…and never would I think it is ok to be the third.

Embrace your inner drama, your true self who wants, nay needs to participate.  Be a part of this world of pretend and make believe if you can. Be absolutely true to your soul. Let your inner child stay young at heart.

Theater, is just a whole level above the first…higher than any of the 3 kinds of pretend. More power to you – the theater people – cheers to you for being who you are and not really caring (well, maybe a little bit) what others think.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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