Black, White and Grey

I spent a long time this summer and into fall (much longer than I thought it would take me to decide) to buy a car. I now realize that people in general are rather conservative. No matter their daily choices and the way they live…the car manufacturers must know something. Even though there are a lot of car varieties available, most of them are black, white and grey.

The other day we were playing a game with the kids outside at the cafe. The game was simple, but I knew I’d win even letting them choose first. We simply picked a color for a car and then racked up our points as cars passed our outdoor table. I picked black but only after the kids chose red and blue, Mike picked white. I barely had to pay attention to win by a landslide.

I’d spent too much time learning this, by spending days looking and seeing this in it’s stark reality. 

Whether it is Chrysler, Acura, Mazda, Jeep, Subaru or Nissan (and today’s drive by the Ford and Toyota dealers in Flemington reminding me) they are all in on it – maybe it is a conspiracy by the manufacturers to make us conform. 

Or maybe, we just aren’t willing enough to take a risk. 

Come on. Go for it, choose red or blue or brown or orange, yellow of purple. Anything, please, other than just these three options. 

Just BMW seems to go all out, they have not just black, white and grey – in 3 different shades – plus silver cars on their lot…Although, with all of this being said, we were passed by an orange Maclaren moments later. So. Is that what it takes?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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