Neon Green Vs. Orange

It is totally alright to be sad, but not disappointed that your child lost the tournament game at the end of a long soccer season. It was a fight (there actually was a fight, first one I’ve seen in 5 years since we’ve been playing.) Neon Green vs. Orange. They both lost. In other words, both teams had a player thrown out.

She however, was angry. She thought that the ref didn’t call off sides (as if they really even know what that is…most of them don’t, the ref actually called it when it wasn’t – oops.)

It was the most animated I’ve seen her get after a game… and they only won one game all season. She could have been more upset, more often, so it is fair to be defensive at this point.

We calmed her down, but I love to see the passion. The love of the game. The recount of what she could have done better and shots she thinks were awesome.

The assistant coach from the other team was reffing for the first half (we didn’t get an official ref for the game for some reason) and he actually made a few calls against his own players. He was being overly fair and objective.

This was the toughest game we had to watch, not hard to see the players, especially when they are neon green vs. orange…they both stand out – both are bold and fearless. It was just that this other team had her coach and assistant coach from last year and 2 years ago, too. A few of her former players still together. They played hard, and outplayed our team. It was totally fair. So, no, I am not disappointed – but sad that they couldn’t have another win.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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