Pushing Others

Each of us, in our own way, whether subtle and silent, or screaming up from behind, are constantly pushing others to do more, do better and to succeed…it is our duty, our responsibility as humans on this planet to make more out of everyone’s potential.

We visited Philly today to watch our friend beat the drum, keeping her team in sync and rowing together, stronger and leading them to achieve more as not just a group but pushing them as individuals, too.

It was inspirational, even if it was a bit challenging to get there…and slightly nerve wracking as the kids dared edge closer to the river’s edge. 

This grey, overcast day couldn’t be over shadowed by traffic, a back-to-back agenda or crowds.

We are classmates, teammates, friends, co-workers, parents – we are also leaders, no matter where we see ourselves, or believe we are – keep pushing others and ourselves. Be more. Believe. Anything can happen.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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