Are You A Romantic

On the biggest lovey-dovey holiday of the year, are you a romantic? Are you hopelessly in love, or hopelessly devoted?

Time is still on your side, you can still pull off the perfect day, date, moment…

Whether you give in to the:

  • over-sized plush teddy bear with the heart held fast in its paws;
  • the 2-pound box of chocolates (try the 4 ounce box of hand crafted sea salted caramels, instead you won’t go wrong there);
  • a growler of their favorite wheat beer (or IPA the hoppier the better);
  • reservations, somewhere they wouldn’t normally go but they would still like to go; or,
  • a new pair of woolen socks, knitted just for them in their favorite colors, with the non-itchy kind of wool.

Or, choose instead to make a hand-crafted valentine, complete with your own poem, lyrics or comic/doodle, and make a special dinner for 2 or 4 or even 5 (she probably won’t come home for the night, but we can hope)…all while you secretly make a plan to add pockets to her favorite dress. That all works, too.

If most of us were asked, “Are you a romantic?” we would say “Yes!” and any one of those ideas would work. For the rest of you, well, you probably said no, but only because you think Valentine’s Day is overrated. No worries, B+R, you still have President’s Day – it is right around the corner and by then, flowers will be less expensive, the restaurant will be quiet and even more romantic and you can say that you celebrated all weekend long, culminating in whatever you decide to do together to celebrate you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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