So Many Options

There really are so many options to choose as a gift for your loved ones for the holiday. There are the obvious: flowers, candy, jewelry…or, going out to dinner, a show and even spending the day at the spa.

The gifts that show you really care, are the things you do that prove that you know them, inside and out. What would they most like to do, what would they really enjoy – rather than receive.

What tells them that you really love them?

Besides, of course, the simplest “I love you” shared with a hug and a kiss – which is always a good idea.

Sometimes there are so many options in front of you it is too difficult to choose, but the thing that means the most is spending time together. Share your beautiful memories, laugh at your inside jokes, pretend that you are just getting to know each other (again, even after all these years.) It doesn’t have to be perishable, edible or fleeting – if you truly love – it is forever, in your heart. Sometimes, just being able to hold hands knowing that tomorrow is another day, that can be one of the best gifts that you can give to each other.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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