Still In Love

Tomorrow, if you are still in love, you can stock up on sale items and save them for later. You know, for when you need a last minute “I love you” gift. A token, really. Just something simple and small to get some attention.

This option is also especially helpful for those of you who do not see your step children, college-aged children or your loved ones – for what ever reason – until tomorrow or the weekend.

We used to promote to our customers to be the first to say I love you, but today when I heard someone say that they could go shopping tomorrow. I thought that was an interesting plan. I mean, I am sure that they are still in love with the person…but if they aren’t going to see them anyway: why rush? why get in line? and why, oh, why, pay full price? Or, that they loved each other so much that they could wait to celebrate tomorrow. Maybe that was it…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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