All Quiet

Tonight, it is all quiet on the southern front – in our family that is. We are, by far, the southern-most dwellers if you can believe that.  Hoping it is the same everywhere else south, east, north and west tonight…but here, we have our own peace – and quiet.

With 3 kids out of the house, (ok, 2 of our every day 3 plus the one extra we have for the month of July,) it is really, really, silent. Well, that is, after the thunderstorms stopped drumming and raining down about an inch of much needed water – we may get more later, but right now, nothing…just peaceful drips of water from the trees.

We pronounced “you are on your own…” for dinner that is, but as parents, we took pity (on ourselves?) and we let (asked) the eldest join us. It is a time to bring your loved ones close.

Since it was just three for dinner, the limited number of people made it a quick process to wash up from dinner, put away leftover veggie pasta and eat the last few tendrils of arugula as an alternative to dessert (we do have cupcakes, but she is not into sweets.)

Now, at least an hour before it normally is, the kitchen is all quiet, clean and ready for tomorrow.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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