A Million Little Things

On my list are a million little things. Some of them add up to a lot and others never stop; they keep coming back on the list.

  • Reviewing projects
  • Client schedules, deliverables and meetings
  • Homework review and checks
  • Music lessons
  • Tutor
  • Karate – on our way to our 2nd black belt – 2 to 3 lessons a week
  • Dinner (home cooked, for seven. Remember, one of them is vegetarian and one won’t touch anything that is green or grows in the ground unless it is a potato and it has been french fried.)
  • New website design
  • Blogging
  • Writing a book
  • Book spring break vacation
  • Plan 20th anniversary celebration of some sort with spouse
  • Order carpet for the trade show (and electric, too!)
  • Oh, wait, more laundry and dishes even though I emptied the dishwasher before I left this morning (yes, there are indeed dirty dishes left in the sink for some reason?!?)
  • 102 e-mails and that is just the ones that came in between 7:18am this morning and 4:02pm this afternoon

The list goes on and on…

I have been trying to use voice-to-text and Siri to keep up with some of it, but I don’t like that option very much; plus Siri has quite an attitude sometimes.

I was just mentioning how we used to communicate – back in the old corporate days – on voicemail. We could get a lot done that way. All the way into and home from work on the phone.

Press 8 to reply, 5 to find out when they sent it and um, who is this? The connection is terrible! 7 – Delete! I already did that.

Of course, it wasn’t personal. It was not, however, as risky as e-mail and texting can be these days.

The intent and heartfelt tone in e-mail and the written word (albeit electronic) can be lost in translation and what was meant to be a sincere “Thanks a lot” (for the flowers) was interpreted as a sarcastic “Really? how could you have done that to me, don’t you know I am allergic to Stargazer Lilies?

So, our To-do list continues to build and hopefully, we check a few things off each day and we don’t offend anyone. Even though just 10 of a million little things is just a drop in the bucket, until we kick it, keep checking them off the list while adding new ones to keep us moving forward.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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