One Thing

Yesterday’s post was about a “can do” attitude, but it was also about just one thing, one little thing that you can do for your business to help it grow.

What if once a quarter or once a month, you could think of a simple change that would improve your business?

  • How would it change the customer experience you offer?
  • Would it increase profitability?
  • Would you be able to hire more people – good caring people – and offer them a better work environment, a better wage and a better life?

Would it make you happier about what you do every day?

Where would you start?

It’s just one thing. One idea. One initiative. What if you could do it and then up the ante to once a week? Go think about it. It’s just one little idea. You still have 2 months left this 1st Quarter of 2016. You still have 28 more days in February. Or, 6 more days until next Monday if you are that brave and want to challenge yourself. What would you do and what are you waiting for to do it?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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