You Can Never Be Sure

No matter how much you test, prepare, poll and try things out, you can never be sure that it will work out.

Lucky for us, you can always try again.

Or, if you can’t try again, you should change your plan.

  • Failed the test? Try another major/ingredient/product packaging. (I think she passed.)
  • Prepare for all possible outcomes…but you didn’t think “that” would happen? Try a different age, demographic or city. (No one knows the future.)
  • Polled and got positive results…but you didn’t poll the right people? Try another line of work, another role, another option. (Another person in your life.)

Trying is a very big thing, because you can never be sure – you can be confident – but that is not the same thing. No matter what, you keep trying until you find success, happiness, or peace – hopefully that is what will happen for Harry and Meghan. No one can tell for sure, not even a prince – so don’t give yourself too much of a hard time about not being certain.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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