I Did Say Yes

Well, a while ago – a long time ago in fact – I did say yes.

  • I said yes to Philadelphia, and even though I left for a while, I came back to the area.
  • I said yes to trying 3 new and divergent jobs prior to graduating, and while I thought I’d settled on one of them; I did change, pretty dramatically, careers again later.
  • I said yes to the perfect guy for me, who turned out to be a really wonderful husband and father.
  • I said yes to having another baby – and another – and, I couldn’t be happier.
  • I said yes to volunteering time, and being there to help; a lot, but not as much as I could probably have.
  • I said yes to spending the entire day in NYC with my teenager – the last one – and 306 of her closest (or not so closest) musically inclined peers, friends and besties.

No matter what it is, when you say yes to do something, you can find yourself in a situation where there is a bit of anxiety.

  • Would it work out?
  • Would we be able to do everything we wanted to do?
  • Would we do the right things?
  • Would there be any trouble that we could have avoided?
  • Would we be alert and aware?
  • Would we be able to help?

Even though I know there are great unknowns, I did say yes…and, it all worked out. It didn’t rain.  We didn’t lose a kid; in fact we acquired a couple here and there. We saw several sites, unusual people, historic venues, and listened to some familiar stories. It was a beautiful, fun, exhilarating, rewarding and exhausting day in my “favorite city”. A city that I would consider calling home, if only for a few visits, for a few weeks out of each year. Now, wouldn’t that be a fun thing to agree to do?!?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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