Wrong Bank

Ever choose (or maybe even just go to) the wrong bank?

It has, admittedly happened to me a few times.

Way back when, we chose a bank for its location – close to us, great hours, great service. Then, it was acquired. New hours (fewer/shorter). New fees (higher). Customer service had changed because the bankers were crabbier (probably because they were just as unhappy as the customers with the changes.)

Now, we are more diligent with our commitment, however, we have a few different accounts at different places based on personal, business and – well let’s just say legacy – reasons.

So, with 4 different banks, for the variety of reasons that really do make sense, it has happened to me (yes, more than once) that I have gone to the wrong bank with a deposit.

When the drive through teller looks at the deposit, she laughed and said, “Um…this isn’t for our bank – do you have a deposit for us?”


National. Federal. First. American. Financial. Peoples. Community. World Wide. Bob’s.

Today, I asked my husband to go to the bank…I reminded him which one.  It had happened to me…it could have happened to him.

He was fine, he went to the right one, but we’ve been having a problem (not a big one, just a little one) with one of our banks. We think we may have chosen the wrong bank for some of our financial needs. This problem is not as easy to solve as just driving around the block to the other bank that starts with the word “first”.  Anyway, I am just thinking that many people make changes in the new year? Well, I am not a “resolutions” kind of person for just any one time of the year, but this may be one time that it is warranted.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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