Never Assume

Aren’t we all taught as children, or at least as young adults, to never assume anything? We have to learn, and ask questions before we jump to conclusions.

We went to Bernie’s Pub near our daughters choir event tonight…craft beer, small plates, Canadian French fries – aka Poutine – gravy, cheese curds served on top of steak fries. They’re better than it sounds, especially at this restaurant.

It was a great little spot, complete with a patio that would have been lovely for outdoor dining if it was still unseasonable warm here. The bar was deep enough to sit and enjoy dinner and I am sure both the bar and patio serve overflow diners year ’round unless it is snowy and slushy like tonight. (Space heaters and an outdoor firepit can only do so much.)

At first glance at the name, I wouldn’t have thought that Bernie was short for Bernice…but I guess that’s why they tell you to never assume. (I think it was the “pub” part that threw me off…) I can only imagine what she would have done to you if you did make a mistake like that in front of her, in the way that only a 1950s mom would do. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Sunday dinner, be there. 4PM sharp. Or else.

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