Wishes with the World

Sometimes, I just want to make sure that we share our most sincere wishes with the world – the great big wonderful environment in which we live.

  • To be thankful for the space.
  • To be happy we are here.
  • To be excited that we have another day of sunshine.
  • To be pleased that we made a difference.
  • To be grateful for the others who share our vision.
  • To be loving to those around us.
  • To say happy birthday or happy anniversary and many happy returns…

I want share all of those things, to embody the best and to make sure that we are positive and upbeat. Let’s make a cake, light some candles, and be open in sharing all of our best wishes with the world for an even better tomorrow, next year, next life with many, many thanks for the one we’ve had so far.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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