Obviously It’s Too Cold

Clearly it is winter. It is snowing. It is raining, turning to ice overnight (probably.) Obviously, it’s too cold for ice cream…

…or is it?

Isn’t ice cream one of those things that we can enjoy (now) whenever we want – regardless of whether it is winter OR summer?

If we have the house at a temperature that is warm enough for civilized people to relax, perhaps it is okay to have a bite or two of ice cream.

Whatever flavor you want. Maybe two different ones if you can’t make up your mind. A small scoop of each.

No one would begrudge you (or anyone) of that.

My kids, encouraged by their grandmother’s habit of buying ice cream year round, became addicted.

Even after she moved out of our house, she had created a habit that we had to uphold, and continue to indulge…and they definitely appreciate it.

I know they think of her whenever they take even the smallest, little bowl of Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Daz – or an entire pint…

Whether they are at home, at the local shop in town, having some birthday cake, visiting family at the beach, they still ask – even if it is clear to anyone that – obviously it’s too cold to go to the local, walk-up ice cream parlor with its homemade, gourmet flavors of hand scooped ice cream. They are still quite shocked to find out they are closed, “why would the shop need to close in the winter?” Everyone likes ice cream, and since this is one of the few things they ask for from us, we have to say yes. Why shouldn’t we?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Thanks for the never-ending inspiration and wisdom Mom. ❤️

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