See This Chair

Down by the sea, if I were to see this chair, it would be calling my name.

Or, maybe the warm water would be, instead.

None the less, the idea of being someplace warm, with salt air, a new, good book in hand (to start reading since I just finished one today) – all of this would be lovely.

You may be thinking:

  • This chair isn’t even that comfortable.
  • This chair, it is hard, rigid plastic.
  • This chair doesn’t have cushions.
  • This chair does not have an umbrella next to it, nor a cocktail with a paper umbrella and a swizzle stick.
  • This chair is all by itself – it needs a pair.

Still, I see this chair in my mind and I believe that it would be perfect. No thoughts of snow storms, work deliverables, conferences, air travel, uncomfortable shoes and endless strings of e-mail in my inbox. That is what I see instead and that is enough to get me through one more day. Soon, it will be May and we will be lamenting the heat and humidity. I promise.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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