Why or Y?

What has this world become of texting and abbreviations that are further degrading our ability to spell. Why or Y? What is right?

I am of the generation, that says “why”.

Even more so – happy am I to report – that my 16 year old asked, in a rather disgusted voice, if we had seen the emoji Romeo and Juliet? It is called Yolo Juliet by the way, which begs the question, if you only live once, why did she kill herself? Did she not know what “you only live once” means??

More importantly, why (or Y) is Random House – the well known education related publisher – giving in to it? Hmmm, maybe it was the goal of the retail sale; in order to fund their future business, while pandering to youth and parents who let their kids buy any book if they will actually read it? What are we becoming? AND thank you, daughter, for not falling into that category.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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