Forget Everyone

Forget everyone in your goal to appeal to customers in a marketing or promotional pitch. Focus on one group, demographic or customer type. Then, make several pitches to attract who you want for the right reasons.

This photographer, they’re casting the net too far.

First, they are using Groupon, which is wide reaching. I get it. Sometimes you have to try to capture as many people as you can with a very limited budget. 

Second, in heir case, huge (and I mean HUGE) margin loss. (Normal service cost $409 Groupon special deal price $15.99) that’s a big variation. No one will ever value their full package at 400 bucks again, ever. At least no one in the Groupon universe.

I think they are forgetting that the people who want this type of picture – pick which you’d want – desire a very specific type of photographer. The person who can capture my kids quirky smiles all at the exact same moment (no photoshopping needed) is probably not the same one who is going to ensure that everything is where it should be for the sexy glamour shot (maybe a little photoshopping wanted!)

So, yes. I say, forget everyone and pick the best. Focus on them. (Pun intended.) Then, move on to the next group. Boudoir or Family Photos two very different (mom) clients indeed.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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