Who or What

Auto correct. I could just leave it at that, but I won’t. Auto correct, on both platforms: Microsoft and Apple are really bad. They fix things that just don’t need to be fixed. One of them is the context of your noun. So, you could say “That isn’t all so bad, is it Dawn. Why are you even mentioning that when there are so many other (profane) “fixes”? Well, this is what I would answer, “Aren’t you: who, not, what you want to be?” There are many times when the auto correct wants to fix the noun into a thing, rather than the person that they are. I am frustrated by that.

So, this is how it comes to mind…I am frustrated by the media this week.

All the buzz this week (or is it a month already?) about Caitlyn Jenner. We heard all about her on the news even in Europe. By my view point, and this may not be all too popular, but, she is a “who”, not a “what”.

Same can be said, although in a different way, about Rachel Doleza.

Yes, I think these two cases are similar, yet different.

Who is to say that Bruce, who is now Caitlyn, can’t say that he is now a woman (or soon will be)?

Although she (Rachel) lied, her motivation was the same. She identified with the black culture, she embodied it, she defended it and promoted the NAACP and it’s mission.

She became who she wanted to be. I think the argument is whether or not Rachel is who she was… Not, “what” she claimed to be.

So, going back to my earlier statement, which is more important? I think it is: who not what. She can probably never really be who she wanted to be again… because of what something people argue that she wasn’t. I think that is a shame.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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