Ever realize, as you choose a place to sit in restaurants and public spaces the grouping of people? Do you choose a spot far away from all others, or close? Do you just leave one space and enough room to have a private conversation, but not completely anti-social, all the way in the corner?

If you haven’t – pay attention the next time you enter a nearly empty restaurant, say for early dinner, or late lunch – those seatings are perfect for this observation project.

Today, in a nearly empty restaurant my son chose a table that was just one table away from the table with someone sitting alone. Maybe she was cute…maybe he didn’t want us to walk too far with our pizza – or maybe it was the natural tendency to sit near other humans…especially cute, college-aged humans.

I don’t think she was so thrilled. 

Then again, her friend was late…or she was really early. Either way, to me she appeared agitated, edgy, maybe even annoyed – or just anxious to eat.

Anyway…when it is out of your control, where you sit that is (not if your friend is late for lunch), it can be agitating, annoying and cause anxiety.

I have always questioned the host/hostess who will – as trained – perform a grouping. For them, it is an opportunity for the most efficiency for the staff, service and cleaning the restaurant later. For a guest, particularly someone who is meeting a client – and wants privacy to talk about the business at hand – or on a date – also who wants privacy… Yes, those guests want to be much, much farther away than just one table.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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